RMS Extension for neckstrap:

FullSizeRenderHaving a neckstrap attached to your clarinet can be burdensome, and it can also be difficult to attach to the thumb rest of your clarinet.  Moreover, when the neckstrap is too close to the clarinet, you may likely touch the neckstrap cords with the thumb of your left hand.  This is very distracting for some players.

The purpose of this metal extension is to situate the neckstrap cords far away from the clarinet to avoid any interference.  It also provides a more balanced place to secure the neckstrap, other than the thumbrest.

We recommend using a BG elastic clarinet neckstrap for comfort and flexibility (also available at RMS).

Metal extension $20.00

BG Nylon (cushioned) Elastic Neckstrap $23.00

Metal extension + BG Nylon (cushioned) Elastic Neckstrap $40.00


Buffet ICON barrels:


This new line of Buffet Crampon barrels joins the series of barrels by Chadash and Moennig and belongs to the same family of conical bores, while standing out with its sophisticated and different proportions.  Apart from its inverse conical bore, its outer shape has been particularly refined.  This barrel is universal, and fits both Bb and A Buffet clarinets.

ICON barrels are extremely supple in every register, and the conical bore can, if necessary, improve intonation of twelfths (which can sometimes be problematic, depending on the balance of mouthpiece and reed).  Also, the sound projection is excellent in proportion to a reasonable expenditure of air.

*ICON barrels are hand selected by RMS and are available in gold, brushed nickel and silver (65, 66, 67 mm)

ICON barrel $205.00


FOBES barrels (blackwood, cocobolo or hard rubber lined):

BAR_FOB_blackwood_1024x1024Barrel design was dramatically improved with the innovation by Hans Moennig of the inverted cone bore. This is a shape that is suited well to the paradigm of polycylindrical bored clarinets (most Buffets) and the larger bore style mouthpieces preferred by American players.

FOBES barrels feature an inverted cone style bore.  Improvements you can expect with a FOBES barrel are:  Closer twelfth interval; slightly lowered pitch in the tones of the left hand, upper register; focused throat tones and increased resonance and response.

All FOBES barrels are made without rings for better resonance and warmth.  Visit for more information.  Contact us for information on our hand selected Fobes barrel inventory.

FOBES barrels $189.00-$249.00

FOBES Eb clarinet extension:

EBEX_grandeThese extensions do not extend the range of the Eb. The extension fits between the bell and the end of the clarinet adding a properly sized and positioned tone hole to produce the E/B twelfth. Due to the much larger impedence of sound at the end of the clarinet the long B natural is often resistant and of a much different timbre than the throat tones. This extension greatly alleviates this problem – it also reduces the oversized twelfth interval. As a very happy coincidence the extension of the air column tends to even the timbre of both clarinets and produces a much more supple tone through all registers.  Fits both Buffet an Selmer Eb clarinets.

FOBES Eb Extensions $189