Buffet Crampon Bass Clarinets


Buffet Bass ClarinetAll RMS Buffet bass clarinets are hand-selected by Alcides Rodriguez (bass clarinetist of the Atlanta Symphony) and are set up and adjusted to his performance standards.


You can learn more about each model here:

Prestige Low C bass clarinet  $11,980

Tosca bass clarinet $13,847

Prestige bass clarinet (with low C extension) $12,595

Buffet Student bass clarinet  $6,522

ICON bass clarinet neck and bell (accessories)


Buffet Crampon bass clarinets
Alcides adjusting Buffet bass clarinets


After hand selecting our bass clarinets at Buffet, Alcides adjusts them to his mechanical and acoustical standards:

  • Making sure pads are sealing properly (reseating or replacing as needed)
  • Evening out key tensions and adjusting key heights
  • Making sure the key systems are smooth (with special attention to the bass clarinet register mechanism)
  • Adding extra bumpers and felts, as needed
  • Final play testing and adjustments


Buffet bass clarinet

Bass Clarinet Testimonials

“I’m absolutely in love with my new instrument. Alcides’ work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays—in fact I sometimes forget that I’m playing a bass clarinet. More importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers. I look forward to working with Rodriguez Musical Services again!”

Gabriel Campos Zamora – Principal clarinet, Minnesota Orchestra

“Thank you, Heather and Alcides, for such a wonderful Tosca bass clarinet. It truly is a very special instrument. I’m loving it. Your “hand selected clarinets” service makes the process of choosing an instrument basically painless, and it’s reassuring that two accomplished clarinetists who are knowledgeable of the products have already separated out the best. And the setup was masterful, with spring tension being no less than perfect. I highly recommend RMS for any clarinetist looking for a fine instrument.”

William Thomas – Bass clarinetist, Virginia Symphony

“Thank you for sending a truly great Tosca bass to me. It is daunting to make such a large purchase, especially since so much will depend on having a great instrument for my current and future work. I am glad I came to you. Thanks again!”

Bryn Huntington –  Bass clarinetist, Boise, ID


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