NEW Lower re-stocking and shipping fees!

Hesitant to try clarinets because of shipping costs and re-stocking fees?  Don’t be!  RMS is confident that you will love the instruments we send you to try, and as a result we are lowering our re-stocking fees (which are only charged in the event of a non-purchase).

If for some reason you decide not to purchase any of the clarinets we send you, we will only charge a re-stocking fee of $25 per clarinet ($60 for bass clarinets).

We will also provide you with a return UPS shipping label at our special rate (which is much lower than if you ship and insure the package yourself!)  That means that you can try instruments without the fear of exorbitant trial costs!  See our Trial page for details.



Hand selected Tradition clarinets have arrived!

We just received our shipment of hand selected silver-keyed Tradition clarinets, and they are excellent!  Contact us for more details!

The Tradition model Bb and A’s use a cylindrical bore design (in the tradition of the R13 and RC models) and tone hole placement inspired by the Tosca model .  The result is a rich, focused sound, even scale and consistent intonation throughout the registers.

The Tradition comes with two barrels (65 and 66), a left hand Eb lever and a combination of leather and natural cork pads.

Visit to factory in France!

RMS will visit the Buffet factory in France to select clarinets in June!  We are looking for premium model Festivals, Prestiges, Toscas… and the new model Tradition!  Contact us if you are in the market for something special!


New website!

Our website is up again after some serious maintenance. Thank you for your patience!

The current RMS inventory includes hand selected Buffet Bb and A clarinets, Tosca and Prestige basses, Tosca and Prestige RC Eb’s, and basset horns. Contact us if you are in the market for something special!