Clarinet Selection Service

Clarinet Selection Service

RMS is dedicated to excellence in the hand selection of Buffet clarinets.  We look for truly exceptional sounding instruments with the following qualities:

  • A rich, resonant tone and a sweet core
  • Evenness of scale and resistance
  • A sound that exhibits a large spectrum of overtones and colors
  • Best possible tuning

The clarinets we select are then set up to our mechanical and acoustical standards including:

  • Checking pads (reseating or replacing as needed)
  • Evening out key tensions
  • Adjusting key heights
  • Making sure the mechanisms are all in good working order
  • R13 model clarinets are completely upgraded with premium pads.


How we upgrade the R13:

This model is by far one of the most popular Buffet Crampon clarinets on the American market.  It’s warmth, evenness and beauty of tone have been revered by American players for years.

We upgrade all of our R13 clarinets with detailed keywork and a combination of premium Valentino pads and white leather pads.  We find that this combination maximizes overall resonance, evenness and achieves a more vocal quality in the connection between certain notes.  Alcides explains how he upgrades each R13 in this video.

Our R13 clarinets are hand selected at Buffet’s US headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our premium model Buffet clarinets (Prestiges, Toscas, Festivals, Traditions, etc) are hand selected at the Buffet factory in Mantes la Ville, France.

Visit the Trials page for more information on trying our clarinets.

If you are unsure which model suits you best, we would be happy to help!  Contact us at or 470-545-9803.

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