Our R13 clarinets are hand selected at the Buffet US headquarters and are completely upgraded with premium pads. Our premium model Buffet clarinets are hand selected directly at the factory in France.

Soprano Professional Clarinets

R13 Bb Nickel (upgraded) $3,731

R13 A Nickel (upgraded) $4,486


R13 Bb Silver (upgraded) $4,193

R13 A Silver (upgraded) $4,949


Premium model Buffet clarinets:

Festival Bb $4,620

Festival A $5,392


Tradition Bb $4,589

Tradition A $5,244


R13 Prestige Bb $6,498

R13 Prestige A $6,837


RC Prestige Bb $6,622

RC Prestige A $7,163


Tosca Bb (wood or GL) $7,610

Tosca A (wood or GL) $7,949


Eb | Bass | Bassett

Eb Clarinets

RC Prestige $6,955

Tosca $8,004


Bass Clarinets

Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet $11,560

Tosca Low C Bass Clarinet $13,338


Basset Horns

Prestige Basset Horn $15,202


Student | Semi-pro

Student Clarinets

B12 Bb  $629

Prodige $955

*Buffet’s new premium student clarinet, the Prodige, showcases an outstanding tone, ergonomic keywork and a highly reliable body construction.  We are excited about this new model, because although it is a plastic student clarinet, the bore is moulded in France and provides a professional feel and sound.  The Prodige body is made of ABS polymer resin (hard plastic) with nickel keys and white leather pads.

Semi-professional Clarinet

E12F Bb $1,922

*For those advancing students who are ready for an upgraded wooden instrument but are on a budget, we highly recommend the semi-professional E12F.  It is made of grenadilla wood and has silver keys, white leather pads, and a mouthpiece specially designed by Dave McClune.