Pre-Owned Clarinets | Trade Ins | Consignments

Pre-Owned Clarinets

Our inventory has some really excellent instruments at the moment!

RC Prestige Eb:  11 years old, never cracked, $4,400

Tosca A clarinet:  10 years old, very lightly played, virtually new $5,600 (includes single case, ordering Tosca double case will be extra)


Trade Ins

RMS may consider accepting your clarinet as a trade in based on the instrument’s age and condition of the keys and wood. Call us to discuss the details of your instrument.  RMS will make a final decision after receiving and play testing the instrument.

If accepted, the value of your trade in will go towards the purchase of a new RMS clarinet. If your clarinet is not accepted as a trade in, you may consider our clarinet consignment program.


Clarinet Consignment

If you would like for us to try to sell your clarinet, email or call us. After reviewing the details of your instrument, we will call and discuss a possible sales price, necessary repairs (if applicable) and timeline with you.

If we are able to sell your instrument, RMS will retain a 20% consignment fee plus any extra cost of necessary repairs. RMS will keep your clarinet for a period of three months, maximum. If your clarinet has not sold within that time frame, we will ship the clarinet back to you. Regardless of whether your instrument sells, you are responsible for the cost of possible repairwork prior to the clarinet consignment and for the return shipping (in the event the clarinet does not sell).