Used clarinets

Used Clarinets

Our used clarinets are completely overhauled and upgraded (see description below).  


Tradition Bb (silver keys):  Serial:  687XXX  Hand selected in France by RMS, complete RMS , just over a year old, an outstanding clarinet $4,000 (pictured above)


R13 Bb (silver keys):  Serial 635XXX  Full RMS overhaul, never cracked $2,900 (photo coming soon!)


R13 Bb (silver):  Serial 454XXX Full RMS overhaul, never cracked.  Warm and rich tone, even throughout the registers.  $2,400 (pictured above)


RMS Artist Overhaul:

  • Wood is fully cleaned and oiled.
  • Keys and posts are cleaned and polished.
  • Tenon corks are replaced (as needed).
  • Pads are replaced with premium pads.
  • Tone holes are resurfaced (as needed) to guarantee an optimal seal.
  • Key play is eliminated to achieve optimal mechanism efficiency.
  • Key height and spring tension are balanced.
  • Spring replacement (as needed)
  • The clarinet is finally play tested and adjusted for ideal response and evenness.

Please note that used clarinets do not come with a warranty from Buffet or RMS.

If you have any questions about our used inventory, don’t hesitate to contact us!  /  470-545-9803