Pre-Owned Clarinets | Trade Ins

Pre-Owned Clarinets (click to enlarge)

R13 Greenline Bb (nickel keys): RMS overhauled, Even and resonant tone, Serial 555XXX $2300 




R13 Greenline A (nickel keys):  RMS overhauled, very nice sound and well-maintained, Serial 492XXX $2600





R13 wooden Bb (nickel keys):  RMS overhauled, excellent shape, Serial 657XXX $2600




R13 wooden Bb (nickel keys):  RMS overhauled, very good instrument, Serial 452XXX $2200






Trade Ins

RMS may consider accepting your Buffet clarinet as a trade in based on the instrument’s age and condition of the keys and wood. Call us to discuss the details of your instrument.  RMS will make a final decision after receiving and play testing the instrument.