The service from Rodriguez Musical Services was excellent! The choice of instruments was superb, and I was able to easily select two beautiful RC Prestige clarinets. I can recommend them wholeheartedly and know that you'll find your clarinet "voice" with them!

Julia Heinen
Clarinet professor, California State University Northridge

My experience with Rodriguez Musical has been the most seamless and enjoyable instrument purchase I have ever made. Their instruments were all beautifully set up, which made choosing an instrument far easier! I cannot recommend them enough!

Kevin Schaffter
Clarinetist & Director of MusAid Organization

Heather and Alcides have one of the best clarinet selection services I've ever encountered. Heather understands the importance of choosing an instrument that complements and enhances one's musical voice. The clarinets she selected for me were so on point with what I was looking for that I'm surprised I was able to choose one at all! I look forward to many years of music making with this instrument!

Celeste Markey
New York Free-lance clarinetist

My new RC Prestige E-flat clarinet is everything I could have hoped for and so much more! I could not have asked for a better instrument or for better people to work with than Heather and Alcides. The quality of instruments and the friendly, professional service I received through RMS is truly at the highest level available. I will be recommending you to everybody I work with!

David Cook
Eb clarinet, Wichita Symphony Orchestra

I'm loving my new R-13! Thank you for a beautiful clarinet!

Tony Striplen
San Francisco Opera, Clarinet professor, San Francisco State University

I'm absolutely in love with my new instrument. Alcides' work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays—in fact I sometimes forget that I'm playing a bass clarinet. More importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers. I look forward to working with Rodriguez Musical Services again!

Gabriel Campos Zamora
Principal clarinet, Minnesota Symphony Orchestra

Heather made the process of finding new clarinets so easy! The instruments she picks out are fantastic and she was also super helpful and easy to work with. Thanks again, Heather!

Ken Graves
Principal clarinet, Mississippi Symphony

Thank you for a beautiful clarinet and for a wonderful buying experience! If you treat everyone like you treated me, I have no doubt you’ll be wildly successful in this business!

Jared Davis
Acting principal clarinet, Richmond Symphony

I really enjoyed the entire experience of purchasing a new clarinet in Atlanta through Rodriguez Musical Services. Heather and Alcides did a wonderful job of choosing some of the best clarinets in the Buffet Crampon Jacksonville headquarters. Every instrument that I tried was of the highest quality. I highly recommend buying a clarinet through Rodriguez Musical Services, and I plan on purchasing all future clarinets through them.

Kelley David
Eastman graduate and free-lance clarinetist

Rodriguez Musical Services made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. Heather was very supportive throughout the process and answered all my questions. RMS has beautiful instruments and makes the selection process very easy. I highly recommend their services!

Rachael Stutzman
Second clarinet, West Virginia Symphony

I got my clarinet today and I must say, as soon as I opened the case I was amazed at how beautiful it looked. The only thing more beautiful was the quality of the work. The response of the instrument is flawless as well as the ease in which it now plays. I could not ask for the instrument to feel any better under my fingers. I can't wait to unleash it at rehearsal tomorrow evening! Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and extraordinary work. You now have a customer for life. (Recent clarinet overhaul)

Bill Crabtree
Clarinetist, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you, Heather and Alcides, for such a wonderful Tosca bass clarinet. It truly is a very special instrument. I’m loving it. Your “hand selected clarinets” service makes the process of choosing an instrument basically painless, and it’s reassuring that two accomplished clarinetists who are knowledgeable of the products have already separated out the best. And the setup was masterful, with spring tension being no less than perfect. I highly recommend RMS for any clarinetist looking for a fine instrument.

William Thomas
Bass clarinet, Virginia Symphony

I just got the clarinet tonight. I played through the exposition of the Mozart and knew immediately that this was it. You and Alcides selected my perfect instrument, and I am very picky! I also love the upgrade and setup he did- it feels so good. Thank you, thank you!!!

Jackie Glazier
Assistant Professor of Clarinet, University of Arizona

Rodriguez Musical Services is a terrific selection service! I have tried clarinets in many different venues, but never before have I encountered such a variety of high quality Buffet models all in one place! Heather and Alcides were both so helpful and patient through the whole process. As a result, I am very happy with my new set of Tradition clarinets! I cannot recommend RMS enough!

Brad Whitfield
Assistant Principal, Alabama Symphony

Rodriguez Musical Services is clarinet buying at its finest! Heather and Alcides select only the highest quality instruments which makes picking one really easy. They are extremely helpful and make the process stress-free. Highly recommended!!

Patrick Rehker
Clarinetist, Rockford Symphony Orchestra

Heather and Alcides are wonderful to work with! If you are looking for the best quality clarinet from genuinely nice people, RMS is a great choice. I purchased an RC Prestige Bb clarinet from them about 5 months ago, and I love it more and more each day. While shopping around for a clarinet can be very stressful, Heather is very knowledgable and works with you to help you find the perfect horn.

Mickayla Chapman
Clarinetist, University of Michigan

I just want to let you know that the clarinet is wonderful and feels (and looks) like a brand new instrument! You and Alcides have been very kind, professional, and your work is terrific. Thank you again for doing this for me!

Patrick Prentice
Clarinetist, University of Miami

Thank you for sending a truly great instrument to me. It is daunting to make such a large purchase, especially since so much will depend on having a great instrument for my current and future work. I am glad I came to you. Thanks again!

Bryn Huntington
Free-lance Clarinetist, Boise, ID

Just want to publicly thank you for the rebuild on my 20 year old Buffet R13. I just spent 45 minutes practicing and was blown away (a term I don't use very often) with the play-ability as compared to when I brought it to you. I am convinced that it plays better than when I got it new. Thanks Alcides and Heather for everything. I would supply more superlatives but people might think you were paying me!

Jay Webler
Clarinet Instructor, Atlanta

I'm a former Air Force musician who's too busy in my new career to do the necessary legwork to find a quality instrument. Heather and Alcides really know their stuff. They made the decision process for my new bass clarinet an easy one...I had 3 quality choices to choose from. I couldn't be happier. Will definitely contact them in the future for a new Bb and A!

Keelan McCamey
Former Clarinetist with the Air Force

My clarinet looks and plays like new!  It's like the first day I got it (back in 1999!)  Alcides did an amazing job.  This is as good as any overhaul I've ever had, and I can't express in words how thankful I am. Seriously, Alcides: you upgraded EVERYTHING. The mechanism is SILENT. There's no excess key play AT ALL. The seal is air tight- but somehow it still feels like my old clarinet. Expect more business from me in the future.  I love being able to have such professional work done at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. You have a client for life!

Joel Wallgren
Clarinetist, Poulsbo, WA

RMS is the gold standard for selecting a new instrument. Whether you're a student, professional, or teacher, they will find you an instrument that fits your voice.

Matt Rosen
Clarinetist, Mannes School of Music

I received my clarinets! First, I have to say that they look and feel like a dream! I can't tell how happy I am. You now have a customer for life and without a doubt I will spread the word to every clarinet player I know. Thanks Heather and Alcides!

Victor Carrion
MM, University of Texas, Austin

Rodriguez Musical's work is beyond compare. They are a joy to work with, and the quality of their work is among the best- if not the best in the world!

Keith Waibel
Instructor, California Polytechnic/ Director, San Luis Chamber Orchestra

I am enjoying the Bb clarinet tremendously! It provides a more consistent tone throughout the full range of the clarinet and a smoother response of the mechanisms . . . looks beautiful, feels beautiful, and sounds beautiful. Thank you for helping me!

Henry Nicholson
Clarinetist, Seneca, SC

I purchased a gem Buffet R13 Prestige from RMS and couldn't be more happy with it. Alcides' key work is spectacular (and I'm picky), and the overall shopping experience was second to none. I can't recommend strongly enough that RMS needs to be your go-to for excellent professional instruments!

Kenneth Long
Clarinet Professor, Georgia State University

I’ve had my new R13 for serveral days now, and I’m thoroughly pleased with it! I don’t believe I have ever played an instrument that has contained this level evenness and intonation throughout every register, nor have I come across an instrument that has had the same special resonance as this one! Thank you!

Eric Bromberg
Clarinetist, S. Carolina Govenor's School