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RMS is a clarinet shop in Atlanta, GA owned by clarinetists, Heather and Alcides Rodriguez. Our team of professional clarinetists hand-select instruments directly at Buffet to provide customers with the best to choose from. All RMS clarinets are professionally set up or fully upgraded by our repair technicians. We invite you try our clarinets by mail- We ship all over the US.
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All RMS clarinets are hand-selected at Buffet so you have the best to choose from.

Professionally Set Up

All RMS clarinets are professionally set up or fully upgraded by our repair technicians.

Clarinet Artists

RMS is a team of professional clarinetists who understand your performance concerns.

Best Quality & Value

We provide the highest quality clarinets at the lowest prices.

“I’m absolutely in love with my new instrument. Alcides’ work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays. And most importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers.”
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Whether you're looking for a top quality professional clarinet, an excellent student model or something special in between, we'll help you find the best clarinet to suit your needs.
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Looking for a great clarinet? We can help.

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