$200 off Buffet E12F Clarinets (RMS hand-selected & fully upgraded) for a limited time!

Enjoy the combined $200 discount of the Buffet and RMS instant rebates towards your E12F clarinet purchase!  Our E12F clarinets are hand-selected and fully upgraded.  Learn more about them here, and contact us to set up your trial!  info@rodriguezmusical.com  470-545-9803  *Offer valid March 1-31.

Buffet has set a new standard for young players with the ”ease of play, reliability and accurate tuning” of the E12F clarinet. RMS takes the instrument to the next level still with RMS hand-selection and a Full RMS Premium Upgrade, including our premium pads, bumpers and detailed keywork.

RMS Premium E12F Clarinets now $200 off!