RMS carries a select inventory of accessories (listed below).  We do not carry mouthpieces, ligatures or reeds at this time.


ICON Bass Clarinet necks and bells:

With the ICON bass clarinet neck and bell, you will notice a far richer, rounder, warmer sound, as well as better flexibility between intervals.  These accessories (in lacquered red copper) are available for both PRESTIGE and TOSCA bass clarinets.

**Black peg screw not included with Icon bell.**


Necks for Prestige or Tosca bass $641.00

Bells for Prestige or Tosca bass $1,565


RMS Extension for neckstrap:

FullSizeRenderHaving a neckstrap attached to your clarinet can be burdensome, and it can also be difficult to attach to the thumb rest of your clarinet.  Moreover, when the neckstrap is too close to the clarinet, you may likely touch the neckstrap cords with the thumb of your left hand.  This is very distracting for some players.

The purpose of this metal extension is to situate the neckstrap cords far away from the clarinet to avoid any interference.  It also provides a more balanced place to secure the neckstrap, other than the thumbrest.

We recommend using a BG elastic clarinet neckstrap for comfort and flexibility (also available at RMS).

Metal extension $30.00

BG Nylon (cushioned) Elastic Neckstrap $23.00

Metal extension + BG Nylon (cushioned) Elastic Neckstrap $50.00


Buffet Moennig clarinet barrels:

Hans Moennig developed this reverse tapered clarinet barrel for Buffet.  It is a popular choice among clarinetists for facilitating a more focused, ‘darker’ tone.  The Moennig barrel is made of Grenadilla wood with metal rings.

*Moennig barrels are hand selected by RMS  and are available for B♭ (66 & 67 mm) and A (65 & 66 mm).

Moennig barrels $210.00


Buffet ICON clarinet barrels:


This new line of Buffet Crampon barrels joins the series of barrels by Chadash and Moennig and belongs to the same family of conical bores, while standing out with its sophisticated and different proportions.  Apart from its inverse conical bore, its outer shape has been particularly refined.  This barrel is universal, and fits both B♭ and A Buffet clarinets.

ICON barrels are extremely supple in every register, and the conical bore can, if necessary, improve intonation of twelfths (which can sometimes be problematic, depending on the balance of mouthpiece and reed).  Also, the sound projection is excellent in proportion to a reasonable expenditure of air.

*ICON barrels are hand selected by RMS and are available in gold, brushed nickel and silver (65, 66, 67 mm).

ICON barrel $237.00


Buffet ICON clarinet bells:


  • 30% lighter than traditional bells
  • Grenadilla wood
  • Highly centered sound
  • Facilitates tones production
  • Particularly fluid in upper register
  • Rich and powerful low notes
  • New design with contour narrowed at the midpoint and specially designed, ringless bell flare to optimize protection of airflow.


*ICON bells are hand selected by RMS and are available in gold, brushed nickel and silver.

ICON bell $377.00


If you are interested in trying our clarinet accessories, you can learn more about our trials here.   Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.