Buffet Low C Extension Prestige (1183R) and Tosca (1185R) Bass Clarinets

Another wonderful innovation from Buffet, the new Prestige and Tosca bass clarinets with removable low C extension look and feel just like the traditional Prestige and Tosca low C basses. The extension is easily added or removed, allowing the player the choice of the 'low E♭ version' (which actually extends to D, thanks to the key on the bell) or the traditional 'low C version.' The bass also comes with a smaller, lighter case compared to that of the traditional low C bass.
Buffet Prestige Bass with Low C Extension

Buffet Low C Extension Basses available for Prestige and Tosca

Discover the features of the Prestige bass clarinet here.
Prestige 1183R bass clarinet $15,426
***1183R bass clarinets are custom orders and are a final purchase.


Discover the features of the Tosca bass clarinet here.
Tosca 1185R bass clarinet currently unavailable.

RMS Professional Set Up

All RMS bass clarinets are hand-selected at Buffet and are professionally set up by Alcides Rodriguez.
  • Ensuring pads are sealing properly (reseating or replacing as needed)
  • Evening out key tensions and adjusting key heights
  • Ensuring the key systems are smooth (with special attention to the bass clarinet register mechanism)
  • Adding extra bumpers and felts, as needed
  • Final play testing and adjustments
Buffet bass clarinet

Buffet Bass Clarinets with Low C Extension

RMS Hand-Selected and Professionally Set Up

If you are interested in trying our bass clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here.  Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.

RMS is pleased to offer instrument financing through Synchrony Bank and United Midwest Bank.
”Heather and Alcides provided exactly the instrument selection process I was looking for. They understand the process from the point of view of the performer and can offer what many dealers I contacted could not. Heather is an excellent communicator and answered many questions I had along the way. The instruments were hand-selected and Alcides did comprehensive adjustments on all of the instruments I tried so I could make the best decision possible. I doubt you will find a better selection service and hospitality anywhere in the country. I am one happy customer!”
Justin Bulava Clarinetist, Portland, OR
”Thank you, Heather and Alcides, for such a wonderful Tosca bass clarinet. It truly is a very special instrument. I’m loving it... It’s reassuring that two accomplished clarinetists who are knowledgeable of the products have already separated out the best. And the setup was masterful, with spring tension being no less than perfect. I highly recommend RMS for any clarinetist looking for a fine instrument.”
William Thomas Bass clarinetist, Virginia Symphony
“Thank you for sending a truly great instrument to me. It is daunting to make such a large purchase, especially since so much will depend on having a great instrument for my current and future work. I am glad I came to you. Thanks again!”
Bryn Huntington Bass clarinetist, Boise, ID
“I’m absolutely in love with my new instrument. Alcides’ work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays—in fact I sometimes forget that I’m playing a bass clarinet. More importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers. I look forward to working with Rodriguez Musical Services again!”
Gabriel Campos Zamora Principal clarinet, Minnesota Symphony
“I'm a former Air Force musician who's too busy in my new career to do the necessary legwork to find a quality instrument. Heather and Alcides really know their stuff. They made the decision process for my new Tosca bass clarinet an easy one... I couldn't be happier!“
Keelan McCamey Bass clarinetist, Eerie, CO
“I am really loving the Tosca! It's so easy to play I forget I'm on a bass clarinet. I am thrilled with the instrument! Thank you!!“
Candice Kiser Clarinetist, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
“After playing the bass since its arrival on Monday, this is a keeper. I am especially appreciative of clear-sounding clarion D E and F. You were recommended to me by a pro who has done business with you, and I'm lucky for the input!“
Thomas Trainor Bass Clarinetist, Hillsboro, OR
“Thank you so much for getting this instrument out to me so quickly. It arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. I think it is a great horn! It has such clear focus and depth of tone, and I find the intonation to be better than my regular bass. I played it today in rehearsal- Very nice fit!“
Jerry Simas Bass Clarinetist, San Francisco Symphony
“Thank you both so much for the bass clarinet. I’m absolutely in love with it! It plays like a dream. I have practiced on it every single day so far, and I’ve received tons of compliments on the sound at the concerts!“
Ben Hipp Bass Clarinetist, Charleston, SC
“The bass absolutely plays great! The tuning is awesome, and the instrument plays so easily. Thank you so much for all your help. It really feels great and plays wonderfully!“
Anna Chavarria Clarinetist, El Paso Symphony
“The bass came yesterday afternoon, and I love it! The core sound is so rich, and the intonation is awesome! It plays so smooth too. It's a much better horn than what I've been playing on, and I liked that one!“
Colleen White Artist Associate of Clarinet, Willamette University