“I’m absolutely in love with my new instrument. Alcides’ work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays- More importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers.”

RMS Premium R13 Clarinets

We hand-select our R13 clarinets directly at Buffet to provide you with the best instruments to choose from. All selected R13 clarinets are fully upgraded at RMS with premium pads, bumpers and detailed keywork so they sound and feel their very best. We look for clarinets which have the following qualities:
  • A rich, resonant tone and a sweet core (a clarinet that ‘sings’)
  • Evenness of scale and resistance
  • A sound that exhibits a large spectrum of colors
Buffet R13 Clarinet

RMS Premium Upgrade Features

  • Tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • All pads are replaced to improve response and evenness throughout the entire instrument. We use a combination of leather and synthetic pads.
  • All bumpers are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for optimal mechanism performance.
  • The mechanisms are adjusted for crisp and even key action (spring tension is balanced and keys/rings are checked for proper height.)
  • Tones holes are resurfaced (as needed) to guarantee an optimal seal.
  • Final play testing of the clarinet and final adjustments are made.

Grenadilla Wood and Greenline Clarinets

``The Legendary Choice of Professionals was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs.`` BUFFET CRAMPON

R13 Bb Clarinet (Nickel keys) $4,664

RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded

R13 A Clarinet (Nickel keys) $5,568

RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded

R13 Bb Clarinet (Silver keys) $5,218

RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded

R13 A Clarinet (Silver keys) $6,121

RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded

New Edition Mopane Wood Clarinets

``The Mopane wood enhances this limited series by offering a mellow and warm sound that combines softness and brilliance, combined with a powerful and direct projection. The essence of this wood allows for the exploration of new sound colors with both pure pianissimo nuances and wide, open forte tones without any saturation.`` BUFFET CRAMPON

Mopane Wood Bb Clarinets (RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded)

Silver Keys $5,694 / Nickel Keys $5,088

Mopane Wood A Clarinets (RMS hand-selected and fully upgraded)

Silver Keys $6,687 / Nickel Keys $6,079

If you are interested in trying our clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here.  Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.
RMS is pleased to offer instrument financing through Synchrony Bank and United Midwest bank.
“My experience with RMS has been the most seamless and enjoyable instrument purchase I have ever made. Their instruments were all beautifully set up, which made choosing an instrument far easier! I cannot recommend them enough!”
Kevin Schaffter Clarinetist & Music Director of MusAid
“I recommend RMS to any clarinet player looking for a great instrument. Heather listened to what I needed from a clarinet and could not have done a better job in finding it. The whole process was effortless from beginning to end. The clarinets had an artist-level overhaul and played beautifully out of the box. I could tell that they were excellent instruments and that Alcides's work is impeccable. Heather is a dream to work with and I will be using RMS for future purchases. Thanks!!”
Jeff O'Flynn Professor of Clarinet, Utah Valley University
“I couldn't be happier with my new set of clarinets. Heather and Alcides are fantastic musicians, so they pick only the top inventory to sell. This makes the whole experience very easy and stress-free. If you are looking for a new instrument(s), they will not disappoint!”
Patrick Rehker Clarinetist, Rockford Symphony
“All of the instruments that I tried played with terrific overall sound, tonal consistency, intonation, and mechanical response. Any smart instrumentalist will hope that their buying choice will be made difficult by the consistency of excellence of the instruments they try, and this was certainly my experience at RMS. I am still amazed every time I play the clarinets I purchased from RMS. They are so terrific that I feel unworthy of playing them! I cannot thank Heather and Alcides enough for treating this major experience of mine with such care.”
Garrett Matlock Clarinetist, Chicago, IL
“I purchased a gem Buffet R13 Prestige from RMS and couldn't be more happy with it. Alcides' key work is spectacular (and I'm picky) and the overall shopping experience was second to none. I can't recommend strongly enough that RMS needs to be your go-to for excellent professional instruments!”
Kenneth Long Clarinetist, Georgia State University
“Rodriguez Musical Services is a terrific selection service! I have tried clarinets in many different venues, but never before have I encountered such a variety of high quality Buffet models all in one place!”
Brad Whitfield Second clarinet, Alabama Symphony
“Thank you for such fine instruments! I am thoroughly enjoying breaking them in. They are marvelous!”
Diana Haskell Associate principal clarinet, St. Louis Symphony
“I've had my new R13 for several days now, and I’m thoroughly pleased with it! I don’t believe that I have ever played an instrument that has had this level of evenness throughout every register. Nor have I come across an instrument that has the same special resonance as this one!”
Eric Bromberg Clarinetist, Lexington, SC
“Heather and Alcides provided exactly the instrument selection process I was looking for. They understand the process from the point of view of the performer and can offer what many dealers I contacted could not. Heather is an excellent communicator and answered many questions I had along the way. I doubt you will find a better selection service and hospitality anywhere in the country. I am one happy customer!”
Justin Bulava Clarinetist, Portland, OR
“You aren't going to find a better clarinet shop... period. More than personalized service, more than the highest quality clarinet. If you are even semi-serious about playing clarinet, you simply need to make the journey.”
Kevin Childs Parent of clarinetist, Chicago, IL