Buffet Eb Clarinets

We hand-select all of our RC Eb clarinets at Buffet in Jacksonville, FL and professionally adjust them here at RMS.

Buffet RC Eb (RMS hand-selected with the Professional Set Up) $5,982

  • All tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • Most of the original pads are preserved, but a few are replaced to improve response and evenness between notes.
  • A few original bumpers are preserved, but most are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for a more optimal mechanism performance.
  • All key tension is regulated.
  • Final play-test and final adjustments are made.

Contact us to arrange your trial at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.


“It is a beautiful instrument! The ease of response, the clarity of the sound, and the consistency of the tone color all the way up and down the instrument is incredible! Also, the tune up work that was done on the instrument is truly top notch. It is a real joy to play!”   ~Andrew Buckley, Rochester, NY