Buffet RC Prestige Eb ClarinetThe RC Prestige Eb clarinet remains a top choice for orchestral clarinetists and soloists worldwide.  As Buffet’s premium clarinet in the RC bore family, the Buffet RC Prestige Eb includes refinements such as:


  • Natural, unstained and finely polished grenadilla wood
  • Undercut/polished tone holes
  • Metal-capped tenons (to risk cracking or splitting)
  • Auxiliary Eb lever
  • Combination of GoreTex and cork pads
  • Egg-shaped contour of bell interior (for better sound projection)
  • Two barrels:  42mm and 41.5mm
  • Vandoren B44 mouthpiece included

All of our premium model clarinets are hand selected at the Buffet factory in Mantes-la-Ville, France by Alcides Rodriguez (Atlanta Symphony clarinetist) and Alexandre Chabod (Paris Opera clarinetist).  When selecting clarinets, we look for the following qualities:

  • A rich, resonant tone and a sweet core (a clarinet that ‘sings’)
  • Evenness of scale and resistance
  • A sound that exhibits a large spectrum of overtones and colors
  • Best possible tuning

After the hand selection process, every RMS premium model Buffet clarinet is professionally set up:

  • All tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • Most of the original pads are preserved, but a few are replaced to improve response and evenness between notes.
  • A few original bumpers are preserved, but most are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for a more optimal mechanism performance.
  • All key tension is regulated.
  • Throat G# and Side F keys are modified where they reach the instrument’s body to achieve proper contact with the body.
  • Final play-test and final adjustments are made.


Buffet RC Prestige Eb Clarinet $7,120 + $250 (Professional Set Up) = $7,370


If you are interested in trying our clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here.   Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.


“My new RC Prestige E-flat clarinet is everything I could have hoped for and so much more! I could not have asked for a better instrument or for better people to work with than Heather and Alcides. The quality of instruments and the friendly, professional service I received through RMS is truly at the highest level available. I will be recommending you to everybody I work with!”

David Cook
Eb clarinet, Wichita Symphony Orchestra