“I’m absolutely in love with my new instrument.  Alcides’ work truly makes a huge difference in how the instrument plays.  And most importantly, my new instrument was selected by a performer: someone who understands the concerns and needs of other performers.”

RMS is dedicated to excellence in the hand selection of Buffet clarinets.  We look for truly exceptional sounding instruments with the following qualities:

  • A rich, resonant tone and a sweet core (a clarinet that ‘sings’)
  • Evenness of scale and resistance
  • A sound that exhibits a large spectrum of overtones and colors

After the hand-selection process, all R13 clarinets are fully upgraded with our RMS Premium Upgrade.  You can read more about the RMS Premium R13 here.

The Premium model Buffet clarinets we select are all set up to our mechanical and acoustical standards including:

  • Checking pads (reseating or replacing as needed)
  • Evening out key tensions
  • Adjusting key heights
  • Making sure the mechanisms are all in good working order

Our premium model Buffet clarinets (Traditions, Festivals, Prestiges, Toscas and Légendes) are hand selected at the Buffet factory in Mantes la Ville, France by Alcides Rodriguez (Atlanta Symphony clarinetist) and Alexandre Chabod (Paris Opera clarinetist).


If you are interested in trying our clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here and clarinet models and pricing here.  Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.

“RMS is the gold standard for selecting a new instrument. Whether you’re a student, professional, or teacher, they will find you an instrument that fits your voice.”


We are pleased to offer instrument financing through First Mutual Finance.  You can find the online application here.