Buffet E12F Clarinet


For those clarinetists searching for an upgraded wooden instrument who are also on a budget, we highly recommend the semi-professional Buffet E12F clarinet.  It is made of Grenadilla wood and has silver keys, white leather pads, and a mouthpiece specially designed by Dave McClune.  We have played many clarinets at this price point, and the craftsmanship and tone quality of Buffet’s E12F surpasses them all.

We hand-select all of our E12F clarinets directly at Buffet.  This service is free to our customers.  We now offer three ways to buy an E12F:  


1) Factory Standard $2,018

These E12F clarinets come as-is from Buffet, with us checking only for properly fitting joints and eliminating possible leaks.  These hand-selected clarinets are fresh from the factory without any of the RMS ‘magic’ beyond the hand selection process.

2) RMS Professional Set Up $2,268

  • All tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • Most of the original pads are preserved, but a few are replaced to improve response and evenness between notes.
  • A few original bumpers are preserved, but most are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for a more optimal mechanism performance.
  • All key tension is regulated.
  • Final play-test and final adjustments are made.


3) RMS Premium Upgrade $2,413

  • Tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • All pads are replaced to improve response and evenness throughout the entire instrument. We use a combination of synthetic and leather pads.
  • All bumpers are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for optimal mechanism performance.
  • The mechanisms are adjusted for crisp and even key action (spring tension is balanced and keys/rings are checked for proper height.)
  • Tones holes are resurfaced (as needed) to guarantee an optimal seal.
  • Final play testing of the clarinet and final adjustments are made.


This clarinet qualifies for free shipping with a purchase. 

If you are interested in trying our clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here.   Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.

“RMS is the gold standard for selecting a new instrument. Whether you’re a student, professional, or teacher, they will find you an instrument that fits your voice.”


Buffet E12f clarinet
E12F clarinets are hand-selected from Buffet and professionally adjusted by RMS.



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