Frequently Asked…

How do I break in my new clarinet?

This is a good question and a very important process after purchasing a new clarinet!

We recommend that you begin by playing your clarinet in short intervals, allowing it to rest at least one hour between sessions. A good rule of thumb is to start with 10 minute sessions, then increase those sessions by 5-10 minutes each day. Swab out and let your clarinet rest between intervals.

We recommend allowing at least three weeks for the break in process, before you play a full practice session or rehearsal on the instrument.  This is not always possible, but it is a good strategy to lessen the likelihood of the instrument cracking.

Should I humidify my clarinet case?

During the winter months it is important to keep your clarinet at room temperature and humidified. We recommend using 58% or 62% Boveda packs (found on Amazon) to humidify your case at the right level.

It is also good common sense to keep your clarinet at room temperature at all times… away from heaters and air vents and never left in a hot or cold car trunk.

My child’s teacher says he/she needs a new clarinet…

That’s great!  It means that your child is advancing and enjoying music!  He or she will soon have the right equipment that will help them go further and reach their musical goals.

The best thing is to email or call us so we can talk about your child’s clarinet needs and your budget. We have a range of clarinet inventory from intermediate to professional models. We usually send several clarinets out on trial so that your child can select a favorite. Many of your questions will be answered on the website under the Clarinet tab (Selection Service, Model descriptions and Pricing, Trials) but feel free to reach out to us!

The most common upgrades are:

Middle school/Junior high student upgrades to an E12F semi-professional or a professional R13 (new OR used)

High School student upgrades to a professional R13 (new OR used) or to a premium model Buffet clarinet.



I play an R13, but I’m interested in getting something different… 

Buffet makes various premium models, each with their unique sound and feel.  (You can read about each of them on our Model descriptions page, and we would be happy to guide you if you contact us.)  Most of our premium model Buffet clarinets are hand selected at the factory in Mantes-la-Ville, France by our friend, Alexandre Chabod, who is co-principal clarinet in the Paris Opera.  He is able to play these models fresh from the factory before they are shipped out to dealers around the world.

Choosing a model is very personal and largely depends on your playing habits, equipment setup and performance setting.