Weber: Andante and Hungarian Rondo

Alcides Rodriguez, bass clarinet/ Steven Harlos, piano



Mendelssohn: Concertpiece No. 1  

Heather and Alcides Rodriguez, clarinet and bass clarinet / Gail Novak, piano




Venezuelan Clarinet cover 300dpiThe Venezuelan Clarinet 

Alcides Rodriguez, clarinet and bass clarinet

(15 tracks of Venezuelan music)


Autographed CD $15.00 (free shipping)





The Hibiee-Jibiees




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Quatuor Vendôme

(Julien Chabod, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Franck Amet, Alexandre Chabod)

RMS is a fan of this fantastic clarinet quartet from France.  They have several recordings, and you can find out more on their website here.

(Alexandre is also part of the RMS team for hand selecting clarinets at the Buffet factory in France.)







Albeniz:  Sevilla

Delibes:  Lakmé (Duo des fleurs)

Piazzolla:  Histoire du Tango