Our Used clarinets are completely overhauled and upgraded with the RMS Artist Overhaul.  Click on the photos below to see the clarinet in detail, and check back as our used clarinet inventory is constantly changing!  


5/16/20  More upgraded R13’s and Traditions coming very soon!  Join our email newsletter list or contact us directly for first notice!


Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet (nickel keys)  Serial:  159XXX  Full RMS Artist Overhaul  $2,200


Buffet Prestige R13 Bb Clarinet, Serial 708XXX- This gorgeous Prestige R13 Bb is only a year old and has been lightly played and well-maintained.  It was hand-selected at the factory in France and has been fully upgraded by RMS.  $5,700.


On Sale Clarinets

On Sale clarinets  are new instruments (which carry the Buffet warranty) and have either been used as a demo at a trade show or have slight physical imperfections.  All instruments in this section are sold as-is and are a tremendous value.




You may also consider the NEW Buffet E12F $2,268


We also recommend the RMS hand-selected and professionally adjusted  Buffet E12F clarinet ($2,268) for those requiring an excellent instrument who but are on a budget.  This semi-professional model is made of Grenadilla wood, has silver keys and white leather pads.  You can read more about purchasing a new E12F here.


All of our Used instruments are upgraded with the RMS Artist Overhaul:

  • Wood is fully cleaned and oiled.
  • Keys and posts are cleaned and polished.
  • Tenons are replaced (as needed).
  • All pads are replaced to improve response and evenness throughout the entire instrument. We use a combination of synthetic and leather pads. We prefer and recommend the pad combination we use, but we can use traditional cork pads instead of synthetic pads upon request.
  • All bumpers are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for optimal mechanism performance.
  • The mechanisms are adjusted for crisp and even key action (spring tension is balanced and keys/rings are checked for proper height.)
  • Tone holes are resurfaced (as needed).
  • Springs are replaced (as needed).
  • Throat G♯ and side F side keys are modified where they reach the instrument’s body to achieve proper contact with the body.
  • Tones holes are resurfaced (as needed) to guarantee an optimal seal.
  • Final play testing of the clarinet and final adjustments are made.


Please note that Used clarinets do not come with a warranty from Buffet or RMS and are sold as-is.  On sale clarinets usually carry the Buffet warranty and are sold as-is

Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.


Recent Used Clarinet Testimonials:

“(My used clarinet) plays beautifully. Love the feel of the keys under my fingers! Deep resonate dark tone especially down low. Please let Alcides know what a great job he did on it… Your upgraded used instrument program is tops!”

Keith Robertson – Raleigh, NC

“The clarinet arrived last night, and I’ve already played it… It is an absolutely beautiful instrument!  Thank you again for letting me try this clarinet!”

Ashley Garner – Cleveland, TN

“The clarinet is really lovely, and the overhaul is nothing short of perfect!  The keywork feels great and the pads are great, as well.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful horn!”

Zain Anderson – Fort Mill, SC