Buffet Prodige Clarinet


Buffet’s newest student clarinet (replacing the B12) showcases an outstanding tone, ergonomic keywork and a highly reliable body construction.  We are excited about this new Prodige student clarinet, because although it is a plastic clarinet, the bore is moulded in France and provides a professional sound.  The Prodige body is made of ABS polymer resin (hard plastic) with nickel keys and white leather pads.

We have played many clarinets at this price point, and Buffet’s Prodige student clarinet is by far the best quality.  Like our professional models, our Prodige clarinets are professionally adjusted here at RMS.  We do not sell the Buffet Premium (a similar student model), because we know that the white leather pads (lacking in the Buffet Premium) make a significant difference in the sound of the instrument.   If you are looking to buy the best student clarinet, look no further.

This clarinet qualifies for free shipping with a purchase.

Buffet Prodige Student Clarinet $629

Buffet Student Clarinet Prodige


The first video is of  French clarinet soloist, Pierre Genisson, playing the Prodige in a recital at the International Clarinet Convention 2017.  The second is a promotional video by Buffet of the new Prodige!