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The Best Intermediate/ Semi-Professional Clarinet:  Buffet E12F Clarinet

Heather Rodriguez, 4/24/18


One of the many important responsibilities we have as teachers is to provide our students with sound advice when it comes time for an instrument purchase.
I have lost count of friends and teachers who have asked me for a good used R13 for $2,000 or under.  Rarely do we carry used R13s at that price point, because all of ours are fully overhauled/upgraded and are rightly priced above that.
However, this seems to be the common request by many parents of budding junior high and high school clarinetists.  What is a teacher to do?

Alcides and I have played many clarinets priced at the $2,000 mark, and the best one by far is the Buffet E12F.  It is made of grenadilla wood and has silver keys and white leather pads.  The tone is remarkably warm and centered (very “Buffet”), and by the time Alcides adjusts the keywork, it is really a dynamite instrument for only $2,018.   We hand-select our E12F’s from a large selection at Buffet, just like we do our R13’s.  We also adjust them so that all the mechanisms are in good working order the keywork feels great.

The case I am making is this:  Why go through the stress and uncertainty of finding a used R13 Bb (which may be blown out and in need of repair work at this price point) when the student can try a brand new Buffet semi-professional E12F (which carries the Buffet warranty)?

Truthfully, I don’t think many people know about this terrific new”ish” instrument.  It was introduced about five years ago to replace the E11 France, and is definitely a better quality instrument.  Mind you, the E12F is a semi-professional clarinet, unlike the student model E11.
If you know someone looking for such a clarinet, we would be happy to help.   We also carry the highly recommended Buffet Prodige for younger students, for $629.  RMS has both instruments in stock.  Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.


Buffet’s E12F Semi-professional Bb Clarinet – RMS Hand-selected and Set up $2,018 (free shipping with purchase) The E12F comes with a backpack case and a mouthpiece specially designed by Dave McClune.