Buffet R13 Prestige Clarinet


As Buffet’s top of the line clarinet in the R13 family, the R13 Prestige clarinet includes refinements such as:

  • Natural, unstained and finely polished grenadilla wood
  • Poly-cyndrical bore
  • Undercut/polished tone holes
  • Gore-Tex pads
  • Metal-capped tenons (to risk cracking or splitting)
  • Auxiliary Eb lever


This beautiful clarinet adds another level of refinement to the Buffet R13 family.  It is noted for its sweet core, focused sound and resonance that carries to the back of a concert hall.  Both Bb and A models come in a black leather covered attaché case with combination lock.

All of our premium model clarinets are hand selected at the Buffet factory in Mantes-la-Ville, France by Alcides Rodriguez (Atlanta Symphony clarinetist) and Alexandre Chabod (Paris Opera clarinetist).  When selecting clarinets, we look for the following qualities:

  • A rich, resonant tone and a sweet core (a clarinet that ‘sings’)
  • Evenness of scale and resistance
  • A sound that exhibits a large spectrum of overtones and colors
  • Best possible tuning

After the hand selection process, every RMS premium model Buffet clarinet is professionally set up:

  • All tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit.
  • Most of the original pads are preserved, but a few are replaced to improve response and evenness between notes.
  • A few original bumpers are preserved, but most are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for a more optimal mechanism performance.
  • All key tension is regulated.
  • Throat G# and Side F keys are modified where they reach the instrument’s body to achieve proper contact with the body.
  • Final play-test and final adjustments are made.


Buffet R13 Prestige Bb Clarinet $6,718 + $250 (Professional Set Up) = $6,968

Buffet R13 Prestige A Clarinet $7,074 + $250 (Professional Set Up) = $7,324


If you are interested in trying our clarinets, you can learn more about our clarinet trials here.   Contact us at info@rodriguezmusical.com or 470-545-9803.

“RMS is the gold standard for selecting a new instrument. Whether you’re a student, professional, or teacher, they will find you an instrument that fits your voice.”


Buffet R13 Prestige Clarinet
Hand selecting Buffet clarinets at the factory in France