The Buffet student bass clarinet is a wonderful option for those on a budget who want quality and value.  This bass  has the following features:


  • Body made of Grenadilla wood
  • Silver-plated keys, neck and bell
  • White leather pads




Buffet Student Bass Clarinet $6,522+ $250 (Professional Set Up) = $6,772


All of our Buffet bass clarinets are hand-selected by RMS and are professionally set up by Alcides Rodriguez (bass clarinetist of the Atlanta Symphony) to meet his performance standards:

  • Making sure pads are sealing properly (reseating or replacing as needed)
  • Evening out key tensions and adjusting key heights
  • Making sure the key systems are smooth (with special attention to the bass clarinet register mechanism)
  • Adding extra bumpers and felts, as needed
  • Final play testing and adjustments
Buffet Student bass clarinets
Alcides adjusting Buffet bass clarinets


RMS is proud to offer instrument financing through First Mutual Finance.